Our Story

At Egg Packs Rugby, our journey was ignited by our passion for rugby and a relentless pursuit of making the game even more enjoyable for fellow enthusiasts.

As a rugby player myself, I recognized a need within the community. After every spirited rugby match, both teams made their way to the local bar, yet a common problem always occurred. Most rugby shorts don’t have pockets. This forced players to hold their phones, wallets, and keys, requiring them to keep putting down and picking up their items all night while moving around the post-match celebration.

This constant problem made me think about using fanny packs! There are a lot of fanny packs out there. Although, there is not a specific fanny pack for rugby players. That’s when Egg Packs were created. An Egg Pack, for “egg chasers”. That’s the goal. This accessory transformed the way I engaged with the game, offering a hands-free means to carry essentials and allowing me to immerse myself fully in the moments that matter. From my college days of lacing up my rugby boots to my post-graduation nights spent refining designs, I poured my heart and soul into crafting the perfect fanny pack that aligns seamlessly with the demands of a rugby athlete's lifestyle. With unwavering commitment, I am proud to declare that I have found the ideal fusion of functionality, style, and durability.

Our brand seeks to do more than provide practicality; it aims to amplify the joy, spirit, and growth of rugby. Just as other sports boast brands that rally behind them, we are dedicated to being the rallying point for rugby players everywhere. By addressing a simple yet essential need, we hope to foster greater love for the sport and empower players to engage in the game and with their teammates without the inconvenience of juggling belongings.

At Egg Packs Rugby we are not just creating fanny packs; we are creating a movement for athletes that work hard and have a champion’s heart. Our mission is clear: to be the brand that spreads the passion for this remarkable sport, one fanny pack at a time. Together, we stride forward, embracing the game, the community, and the convenience that empowers us all.